Chocolove – What’s Not To Like?!

When a bar of chocolate has the word “Love” on the wrapper, I know I’ve found a new favorite. But when said bar also has a love poem hidden on the inside of its packaging, to be enjoyed once the actual velvety sensual chocolate is gone, then I’m in LOVE! Chocolove is everything you think it should be and more. With flavors like ‘Crystallized Ginger in Dark Chocolate” and “Hazelnuts in Milk Chocolate” and even a line of organic bars, this is definitely a sensation to be XXXd and OOOOd (get it, hugged and kissed… Cool one I pulled there, eh?)

Right now, I’ve been getting my fill from the Whole Foods on Union Square in NYC, where I recently discovered the stuff on sale. It’s inexpensive but incredibly delicious and these days the “Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate” has been satisfying my usual cravings for a trip to Spain for their Cascaras de Naranja al Chocolate, which really does say a lot about these gourmet chocolate bars. Give it try, last time I checked it was around $3 per 3.2 oz bar. N-joy!

Images courtesy of Chocolove

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