The Best Chocolate Cake in the World – NYC

Nope, it’s not me going for those superlatives again. It’s the name of a brand new bakery in NYC that has been attracting a lot of attention and all because of ONE cake. Yup, the BEST chocolate cake in the world. Celebrities and average Joes – and Josephines – alike have been flocking to The Best Chocolate Cake in THe World‘s NoLita and DumBo locations for a taste of this Portuguese superwonder. The Upper East Side is not far behind, with a new location opening on Madison soon.

Behind this chocolate heaven made up in two “flavors” only – Traditional with a 55% cocoa content and Bittersweet with a 70% cocoa content – is its mastermind, Lisbon restauranteur and chef Carlos Braz Lopes. The cake consists, quite simply but also quite ingeniously, of three layers of flourless crisp meringue chocolate “cake” sandwiching a smooth mousse and topped by a luscious chocolate glaze. Pure delight!

Don’t be surprised to find a line outside the joint, of cool Chocolatistas seeking perfection. Point is, those of us who love cocoa and all its by-products will absolutely adore this place and come back again and again for more. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.. But summer bikini time seems soooo far away these days, go ahead and indulge while you can!

If you don’t live in NYC, TBCCitW also delivers nationwide, simply click on this ORDER link. N-joy!

Image courtesy of The Best Chocolate Cake in the World

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