Las Vegas Adventure – Part 2 – Great Shopping and STILL No Gambling Allowed

So, last week I took you on a culinary tour of Vegas, finding good food at both ends of the spending spectrum. Let me try to do the same with shopping.


The title of this paragraph should really read “Where NOT to Shop” since there isn’t a place anywhere in Vegas that won’t be happy to take your money. From the smallest sundries shop in the lesser known casinos, to the souvenir shops selling Elvis memorabilia next to Tom Jones’, to the little carts at the Fashion Show Mall, Vegas has it for sale! I usually start out by visiting the Fashion Show Mall and checking out the departments stores I don’t get to visit in NYC, like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus (AKA Needless Mark-up). Nordstrom has the best shoe floor of any store I know and Neiman’s is a good place to check out trends and drool over those things that you might have to sell your soul for in order to own. This time, right outside of Nordstrom’s, I found a little sunglass cart selling really good copies of Prada, Armani and Ralph Lauren glasses, for $15 each – or two for $25 – with the added bonus of being completely devoid of any designer name. I love Miuccia and Giorgio as much as the next girl, but if I am going to be advertising their name, right on my face, I would like to get paid. So, the stylish aviators I chose get lots of compliments and don’t make me feel like a walking billboard. Another cute cart, directly across from Macy’s, sells sterling silver pieces at really low prices, while yet another stand near Starbucks sells fake hairpieces to match any color. From the fashionable braids worn around the heads of celebrities the likes of Sienna Miller and Scarlett Johanson, to funky little ponytails to pin into one’s own hair and create the illusion of fullness, this cart is truly a ‘Must Visit’. Click on Fashion Show Mall website for a store directory and much, much more.

The other shopping mecca in Vegas are the Forum Shops at Ceasars Palace. There I found a great deal on the little t-shirt dress I had been looking for, at Banana Republic, for $21. This little bright red short dress was $48 in Manhattan, but less than half the price in Vegas. Go figure! I also visited all their upscale boutiques like Juicy Couture and Burberry, even if I did not find anything that just had to come home with me. But the place is awesome, as you can see from the photos I have posted on my Flickr account, and the shops are quite empty, especially if you visit them at night. Truly, a magical experience. Go to Forum Shops link for more info.

One last shopping suggestion is going to keep in tune with what I published in The List a few weeks ago. If you visit Vegas, I urge you to start a t-shirt collection. I had started mine already in Detroit, but in Vegas I added a Barry Manilow black number with his silhouette in silver foil, which I bought from the official “Fanilow” shop at the Las Vegas Hilton and which I plan to wear with stylish black pants to a very Bollywood affair, of course! It is a fun and inexpensive way to bring the journey home with you and to enjoy something different from the rest. The Manilow T cost me $26 with tax, which is totally affordable for something that fun. So, happy Vegas shopping and remember, $20 on the nickel slots is all you really should be playing anyway…

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