Imran Khan as Salim in Midnight’s Children?

OK, so being stuck in Delhi due to the dense fog has its benefits. I can spread the word about some further news in the exciting saga of the making of Salman Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Children” into a film. Deepa Mehta directing, Shabana Azmi already on board in the role of the Grandmother, and now Imran Khan is being considered, quite seriously, for the role of Salim.

Although the serious hurdle in this casting will be Imran Khan’s perfectly proportioned nose, Sir Rushdie is of the opinion that the young and talented star of “Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na” is the best person for the cinematic version of his award winning novel. This will certainly add some heat quotient and a lot of teenage girls in the audience…

That’s it for now, but do stay tuned for great news about Slumdog opening in Bombay, and don’t forget to read about the press conference for “Midnight’s Children” which I reported on for Chic Today. Cheers!

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