A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree = Perfection!

I love Christmas and the holiday just isn’t the same if I can’t decorate a tree. But these days, who has time to spend all of Christmas eve putting ornaments on a six foot fir, when my NYC apartment can look just as “festivus” with a little Charlie Brown tree and a few mini ornaments?!

So, I searched and searched around my ‘hood and was coming up with a lot of cute tree vendors but all quoting prices around $40 for a mini fir with stand. When I think small, I think diminutive budget as well.

Then I walked into Whole Foods this past Friday and found the perfect tree, on sale and absolutely divine at $19.99. It’s called a Table Top Fraser Fir Tree and for every tree cut down, the following year two trees are planted, so you are getting your green, saving your green and helping to plant more green. Winning!

But I imagine these trees won’t be around forever, so get yourself to a WF store near you and then pick up some decorating tips from Country Living, the kind folks responsible for the cute tree pictured above. N-joy!

Top image by Keith Scott Morton, courtesy of CountryLiving.com

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