Bomboloni = Heaven in NYC!

My favorite treat as a child was, on my way to ballet class, stopping into Bar Maioli on Via Guicciardini in Florence and having a “bombolone”, a kind of ultra delicious cousin to the American doughnut. A bombolone, to a child, feels a lot like a little doughy pillow of heaven, filled with cream or apricot marmalade and dusted with crunchy white sugar on top.

Recently, I was watching a documentary, filmed by a favorite filmmaker, where he treated his crew to some Krapfen — the German version — near Rome, and it got my mouth salivating to the old tunes of sweets from my childhood.

Lucky for me, and you reading this now in the Big Apple, there is a spot for these delights in NYC and it’s called, suprise surprise, BOMBOLONI. They offer a wide variety of these little morsels of fun, with fillings running the gamut from Nutella, to Toasted Chocolate Marshmallow, all the way to Blood Orange and Passion Fruit. At $2 a pop, I think I can have as many as I wish… No diets allowed.

For more info, check out the BOMBOLONI website or visit them at 187 Columbus Avenue, bet. 68 & 69. I’m on my way.


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