El Gusto: Social Change Through the Magic of the Movies

The Tribeca Film Festival for me is always a great place to meet wonderful people and watch life-changing films. This year, there were quite a few personal favorites and some titles I’d been following for a while. One of those titles was Safinez Bousbia’s El Gusto, a documentary about a group of elderly Algerian musician that unimaginative critics have resorted to calling a “North African Buena Vista Social Club”. Actually, some of those same critics don’t even know Algeria is in North Africa, so I may have overshot it with my comment.

I knew I would love the film even before I watched it, and typically, when I get such a strong feeling, I’m right. Plus, it had been celebrated at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival and frankly, I know I’ll enjoy just about anything beloved in that part of the world. And what is there not to love a group of older men, reunited to play some good Chaabi music?

So read up on the incredible woman who made this film and the movement behind it possible, on the Huffington Post. She’s changed everyone’s lives, as well as her own, in a dramatic way. Oh, and bring your dancing soul to this film. No boring, opinionated, uncoordinated people need watch it!

 Top image courtesy of the Tribeca Film Festival and Image.net, used with permission

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