Jane Birkin – More Than Just Inspiration for a Bag

This week I’m starting a new column on this blog, one that satisfies my craving for style as much as my need for culture. I’d be lying to my true nature if I only read great books, watched beautiful films and learned about faraway lands. Sometimes I’m just a girl, a girl who wants to look pretty and feel pretty. And when that happens, I turn to fashion magazines for inspiration.

On my flight home last week, I came across a photo of Jane Birkin and finally realized where Charlotte Gainsbourg gets her rockin’ sense of style from. I mean, forget Lars von Trier’s eccentricities, he’s got a great eye for leading ladies and Gainsbourg takes the cake for that.

Her mother also had it all, as is apparent from the photo above with her arm candy, former boyfriend (and father of Charlotte) French chanteur Serge Gainsbourg. She inspired the Birkin bag, still one of the most coveted creations by the house of Hermes. These days she’s also active within Amnesty International, proving that true style is also a state of mind.

So, for being great looking, courageous (in many of her life choices) and giving, Jane Birkin is The Ajnabee Style Icon of the week.

Top image courtesy of PicsDrive.com

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