I have come face to face with some incredible human beings and amazing talents through my writing. With each person I interview, or simply spend a few precious moment in the company of, I find out new things that interest and inspire me. This is a very short list of examples — movies in this case — with the corresponding personality’s name. Check out their interviews on Chic Today, by clicking on their highlighted names.

Recently, I revisited some great films, thanks to my latest interview, the inspiring dancer/photographer/writer and all around Renaissance man Sinbad Phgura, of The Twilight Players. Yes, the phenomenal photograph above (top left) is one of his and there is a whole gallery on Chic Today. But Mr. Phgura suggested “In the Mood For Love”“The Motorcycle Diaries” and “Tare Zameen Par” as three of his favorites films and I have to agree. Talk about great ambiance and wonderful, moving stories. Rent the first two from Netflix, the last one you will have to purchase at an Indian DVD retailer near you.

This Tribeca Film Festival there is one film which is high on my list and the only one I own a ticket to already. It’s “Team Qatar” by Liz Mermin, who has been a favorite filmmaker of mine since “The Beauty Academy of Kabul”. A true testament to the good power of globalization, this promises to be another masterpiece by Ms. Mermin.

That “Salaam Bombay” is the original “Slumdog Millionaire” — twenty years its senior, deeper and more touching — is not a secret. But what may be lesser known is that Sooni Taraporevala, the screenwriter of “Salaam Bombay”, recently made her directorial debut and the film is going to be shown this coming Thursday, April 23rd, at the Indian Film Festival Of Los Angeles. Titled “Little Zizou”, it is a charming Bombay slice-of-life tale of a young child who misses his mom, has a rocky relationship with his religiously zealous Parsi dad and finds courage in the thought of one day meeting the great soccer star Zinedine Zidane. Check out IFFLA’s website for tickets and read up on Ms. Taraporevala on her own website.

The “Dev.D” DVD is finally out, though unfortunately not yet available on Netflix. But thanks to the great Anurag Kashyap — director of the film — I was given the opportunity to view one of my other alltime favorite films, in the magical kingdom of Adlabs at Filmcity. “Luck By Chance” directed by Zoya Akhtar and starring her director/actor/singer extraordinaire Farhan, is an insider’s look into the world of Bollywood and Hindi cinema as seen through the eyes of an outsider. It is also a beautifully poignant piece about what independence may mean to a woman and the length people will go to in order to “make it”. So, place this in your Netflix queue and thank me later!

Images courtesy of Sinbad Phgura and Jigri Dost Productions

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